Sunday, November 04, 2007

A good run

It's less than a month before the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2007....I am gonna take part in the full marathon (my 1st full marathon). I am still struggling with my training. Just last Sunday, I participated in the NB Real Run 2007 15km, at the back of the changi runway. I clocked 1:49:47 (no.277 position) despite the super duper hot weather. To date, I haven't suffer any knee pain after the Army half marathon.... Oei LH diagnosed me ITB syndrome (Illio Tibial Band). I went to see physiotherapist in AH.. Being fearful, I really followed thru the appointments and exercises designed by the sport trainer..

Today, I started my run at 7.20am..To push myself further, I planned to run from home to AMK and back home.. I took the Upper Thomson Road. To my surprise, I saw many joggers turning into Upper Old Thomson Road. Thus, I turned in to follow the joggers..Its a nice place to jog with greenary, fresh air and many slops for resistance training. I met many elite joggers who really inspire me to push further..Well, when coming back, I think I was really too tire to continue. I stopped at Yishun to ta bao the famously fried bee hoon mee.. This stall has operated their business since early nineties (Blk 101 coffee shop). Their deep fried chicken wing is the best though sinful.

I walked back thereafter.... I run for a total of 2hr 45hr.. I am gonna run for 3.15hr the next time to waste

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