Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boo & Bii

Today is the 3rd day of CNY 06..Since I am not working (although on standby in case of emergency), I decided to set up a blog site for those who care to view.. To start off, I decided to share some pix of my bao bei (Boo & Bii)..JUst a short intro for those unware, Boo & Bii are our Miniature Schnauzers..Boo is female, 4yr old and salt & pepper, whereas Bii is male, 6 mths old and white..Hubby said Boo is too lonely esp when he is always not at home (due to job nature) and I work irregular hour, it would be good to give Boo a companion..Bii's arrival thus add life to this family..Although he is naughty, everybody loves him just like they love Boo

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