Saturday, July 15, 2006

Goodbye Grandpa

My grandpa had an acute myocardial infraction(heart attack) and had passed away on 13th July 2006. It was so sudden and shocking to us. He had no major illnesses except for his urology's problem. Accordingly, he was having some supper which consisted of porridge and some other dishes (Teochew's style makan). Thereafter followed by his favourite Hsin Dao beer. He collapsed at home. Although he was rushed to the hospital but was asytolic even before he could reach the entrance. A furneral is staged for him for 5days and he will be cremated at Mandai crematorium on 17th July 2006.

My grandpa was a typical Teochew man. He was robust in built and spoke only Teochew. Sad to say, I am not very close to him because we seldom talk even when we met during gathering. He was quiet most of the time but seemed to enjoy the comapny of us. The most he said to me was 'Jia ba wer' means have to you eaten. This is the most evidly memory I have on him.

Goodbye grandpa.

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