Saturday, July 22, 2006

My MacBook

Hubby is back from Osaka with lots of goodies for boo, bii and me
The plane landed half an hour earlier for whatever reason
well too bad, hubby has to wait for me cos i was already on my way to the airport

Back home......
Boo has very sensitive nose.....she could smell adiguna from miles away....
True enough, she dashed out of the house without my permission in search for her precious master
Bii seemed like in shock cos there wasnt any reaction upon meeting his master
As usual, they have their omiyage when their master has settled down
and i also have my omiyage, MacBook , the laptop with the most basci function on the shelf... whats more do you expect? its free.......

MacBook really looks cool. Mine is white as it signified purity.
I am a not too bad, still managed to understand some of the basic function of the operating system....but there are a lot more to learn cos its really alien to me

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