Sunday, February 12, 2006

My 1st Pandan Cake

I bought an oven today. Actually, I have an interest in cooking and bakery.. There is no special reason to it but it is just an interest..Yesterday, I was in CK Tang watching some demostrations on cooking and baking..There were like 5-6 promoters trying to promote their woks, each saying their is the best and listed 101 advantges of the woks..Of cause, it's their job as a promoter..I was only interested in the recipe

Guess I am not the only audiance for the purpose.. It's the live demostration that catches everybody's attention..I managed to key in the ingredients into my hp (Pandan cake).

I paid $64.90 for this oven by the brand of Cornell from Courts at Causeway Point. The shop is having some promotions so I thot it's the best time to grab one..This oven has the basic function like any other oven except that it has no convection function.. Thus, because of this, I think the temperature is quite high that my cake turned char on the top layer..Instead of the recommended 190 deg, I think I should reduce it to 170 deg

Its ok, I shall try it again

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